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Kidnye Scan

MRP : INR 6600/-

Our Price : INR 5000/-

What is Renal DTPA scan?

Renal DTPA scan is a process for diagnosis and evaluation of kidney functioning. It involves intravenous administration of radiopharmaceutical material to assess the drainage pattern of kidneys and to find out if any area is not functioning properly. This painless, non-invasive technology has revolutionised the world of medicine.

The process detects all kinds of abnormalities, be it functional or structural. The top-notch evaluation helps the doctor in deciding the correct path for the treatment and treats any abnormality associated with kidneys without any invasion or surgery.

What makes Renal DTPA scan so unique?

  • The unique technology of Renal DTPA scan at zad pathlab takes multiple images of the kidneys with a Gamma Camera which increases the accuracy and precision of diagnosis and analyses the renal functioning.
    • One of the most advanced systems such as Dual head SPECT Gamma Cameras (Symbia ’E’ and Symbia ’S’) – the multipurpose SPECT systems bring in a combination of versatility and high performance.
  • The Renal DTPA technology exposes the patient to a minimum amount of radiation, much less than the X-Ray.

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